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Discussion: Star Wars: Episode 7 – Hope and Glory. A Fan Made Rough Draft.

 episode 7

This rough draft was mentioned in the comments section. I am sure that it’s fan made and has nothing to do with the real Episode 7 script. Still it’s a fun read and you might want to check it out…

Before things get wild I just want to note again that this is a FAN MADE Draft. 
The front page of the draft has the date August 2013 but I think it was written recently and tagged with a previous date. That was made because of the few facts that match some recent announcements. At least they should have come up with a better title… 

If you have time check it out and please share your opinion. I’ll just post the notes from the last page which are made to look like it’s the real deal. :)


 AU: A very different draft from what we had discussed. Thisbrings the younger members to the fore more quickly than wehad wanted — but I think the story is stronger as a result.I really like REI, but I’m afraid she might be taking overthe movie, but (DIR?) is that a bad thing?

AU: Running length is always an issue with these movies. Ianticipate the space battles to be long and detailed, butdidn’t write in the minutiae of them. These should bestoryboarded with FX and figured out. We’re at 70 pages, butI anticipate a running time of 85-90 minutes depending onhow we choreograph the space battles — this is in directresponse to some of the feedback of the prequels feelingbloated

AU: Much of Maya and Jacen’s backstory flashbacks are cutfrom this draft. They don’t add to the story but we mightneed to give them more scenes.

episode 7

AU: Humor is all but missing from this draft. It’s nice tohave some of the traditional Star Wars humor in here, butI’m not very good at writing it.

AU: Need more scenes for Chewbacca and Leia. Their charactersuffer most from the elevation of the younger ones.

AU: I’ve worked hard to avoid tipping the mysteries of the3-story arc. Some of it was a bit too much in-your-face, soI’ve tried to make it more discrete. Let me know if I’vegiven too much away.

AU: JJA likes R2. Let me know if I’ve used him enough. Ioriginally didn’t have him in the team that boarded thePalpatine, and added him later — though he doesn’t seem todo much.

AU: Lucas veered away from showing a lot of death. PT had’droids’ as the enemy so that we could show Jedi cuttingtheir enemy to pieces without annoying censors, and stillkeep it child friendly. We’re not doing that. This couldeasily get a PG-13 rating due to the excessive death, andthe scenes of large scale destruction. It’s a much darkerstory than Star Wars fans might be used to, but darknessworked in Episode V

You can read the whole draft here:

Star Wars: Episode 7 – Hope and Glory


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  • I just read the first two pages and it is good! :)
    Except for the “a weapon even more powerful than the death star” part. That’s one thing they did wrong in Dark Empire and in J.Anderson books, and I sure hope JJ will stay out from that route of rehashing things over and over again.
    For the same reason, I would HATE the movie if someone like Sidious or Maul, or whoever it is, comes back from death. But there’s no reason to worry about it, Arndt is an awesome screen-writer, as is Kasdan, and JJ has shown how well he can manipulate plots in series like Fringe, Lost, Alias, Person of Interest, and in movies like Super 8, Cloverfield and MI3. And despite what everyone says, I quite liked the screenplay of Armageddon.
    Anyway, whoever wrote this fake script seems at least competent in writing and put obviously a lot of efforts into this. I think I’ll read all of it, just for fun.

  • Anonymous


  • Well……. At least they wrote in Wedge.

    Seems to move to fast to me and lacks that feel/magic of Star Wars.

  • Anonymous

    It’s extremely well made if fake but… I don’t see that much C-3PO and R2 acting togheter, also the names sound like obvious: Palpatine ship? Still is one of the few stories in which Chewe isnt’ dead like in the EU and everything else is really new, especially the Wedge presence is good and unexpected as relevance.

  • Redharvest

    A heavily armored flying gun. Reminds me of the Marvel comics storyline about ‘The Tarkin’ superweapon. (Interestingly called here ‘The Palpatine’!).

  • Pure drivel. The prologue crawl indicates right away that this is fan junk.

  • JGP

    Haters gonna hate…Sad thing to see. At least this fan can dream and isn’t scared to share his thoughts on what he would like to see. You don’t have to agree, you don’t have to like it…and if in fact you don’t, don’t read it just to swear at the kid for free…read it and give him some feed back. I just feel sad to see men and boys act like little bitches over what always was and always will be a KIDS MOVIE!…Get over it!

  • I’m just gonna take all of this as a grain of salt. Nothing significant, but it is cool to read fan speculation from time to time. Glad this one isn’t completely rediculous.

  • Anonymous

    I liked it, in fact I liked it a lot. I’m not even sure it’s fake — with your logic being that it’s dated August 2013, but some of the leaks are more recent — well, if it was real, it would have been written before said leaks, surely? They don’t leak, and then write… :)

    What’s wrong with the opening crawl? Have you gone back and read the opening crawls for the actual movies? This is very similar…

  • Anonymous

    All I say is give the fans what they want – if you bring back the old characters , give them the grandest opening on screen ever as they have not been seen for 30 plus years – lawerence of Arabia type introduction …..don’t just have them just sort of turn up then sit sit back and hear the roar of the crowds in the cinema as they go crazy !!!!!! lol ..

  • This was a fun read. It lacks a sub-plot, to give it some scale. But the guys or dolls who wrote this did a good job.

  • Anonymous

    Who wrote this? Is it real? How do you know it’s fan made?

  • Anonymous

    I liked it. It’s a good story to build around and it ends with mystery.

  • Anonymous

    So who would Lygion be then? A human? A new sith lord? Something else?

  • Anonymous

    I think Lygion is very interesting, and can so see Benedict Cumberbatch in the role!

    As to WHAT he is? I hope we someday find out, but it would be awesome if he was just a very smart human.

  • Anonymous

    I like the idea of Luke being somehow captured at the end of EP7. I think this would help establish the new evil and allow for the development of new heroes. Taking a minute to treat this as the real deal, then I would hope Lygion would be a new entity altogether. Not human, not a Sith.

  • I’m fairly certain that this draft is just fan-made… but just because of a miniscule possibility that it’s real I’ve decided not to read any of it. If I did, and it turned out to be genuine, I know how bitterly sad I’d be when I’m sat in the cinema on december 18 2015 knowing in advance what the story is going to be. That would take away the element of surprise and joy completely. For the same reasons, I’m glad Lucasfilm are steering clear of EU stories.

  • Anonymous

    It was establshed in the story that the neo-Empire are humans who gathered together, so it’s likely that Lygion could be human.

    Of course, that being said, he could just be another entity trying to take advantage of the situation by enflaming it.

    To the earlier commenter — Cumberbatch would be awesome as Lygion — to the extend that it makes me wonder if this role was written for him, and thus, that lends credibility to it.


  • Anonymous

    I know what it is being in love with a story and have to write it down… When I was 15 I wrote a 300pages word document about Episode VII (my way), it was called “Star Wars, Episode VII: The Black Sabers. I had too much information and stories to tell that I separated it in Three Episodes. It includes a looot of Expanded Universes, that was the way I found of having a lot fun with my beloved saga without going to the movie theater.

    This script it’s good! I like the scenes that reminds you the old movies and deleted scenes of episodes I-II-III. I missed Jaina Solo and Mara Jade on the script and I reaaaally hope Leia to have a ligjtsaber, she becomes a GREAT and POWERFULL jedi master. We should see her more often into the ways of the force and carrying her lightsaber besides her husband Han Solo!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Given that her brother is missing at the end of this script, and her son and niece are in danger….who knows what Leia might do in VIII.

    That’s of course, if this is real….

  • Anonymous

    fun read but – way too many grammar mistakes and naivety to be the real deal. Most of the story is quite a rip off of various star wars elements from all episodes ahah

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