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The Millennium Falcon Rumors + Chewbacca Gets the Thumbs Up After his Knee Surgery.

millenium falcon

A few days ago a rumor about a possible Episode 7 title was spread. It turned out that it was an old rumor dismissed a long time ago. The same report featured another interesting info regarding the involvement of a certain space ship in Episode 7. Now 2 other separate sources are confirming this including Star Wars: Episode 7 production designers Doug Chiang and Ian McCaig

First the rumor about the possible involvement of the Millennium Falcon in Episode 7 was started by talkbacker. According to their sources:

“… the falcon will make a big appearance (in Ep.7), 1.1 scale size cross section is being constructed over at Pinewood, along with a power plant set and the famous cantina.”

Later LatinoReview added more to the subject:

“All of  post-production and re-shoots are to work around Abrams and Actors schedules. 90% of shooting in London. Also they are building the Millennium Falcon on at Pinewood. Interior is done.”

millennium falcon

Yet the biggest confirmation comes from Star Wars: Episode 7 production designers Doug Chiang and Ian McCaig. They revealed that back at the celebration Europe event (via moviecricket):

During the Q&A part of the meet and greet the pair answered questions regarding the work they were currently doing at Skywalker ranch and hinted with a sly wink that it would be cool to see a female Jedi in the movie and also confirmed that they will be bringing back the things the fans loved including a certain spaceship that was absent from the prequels…”


Speaking about the Millennium Falcon we really should mention that its co-pilot Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew) got the thumbs up after his double knee replacement surgery. Right now he is recovering at a Texas hospital.

Get well big guy and hope to see you in Episode 7!

Thumbs up from the big guy! pic.twitter.com/MRp9cYTDNz
— Peter Mayhew (@TheWookieeRoars) September 10, 2013


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  • Let the Wookie Win – and get better!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t see him being in Ep7. I’m sure that kind of operation requires many months of physiotherapy.

  • darth malgus

    News about star wars are from greate to best news ever! If Chewbacca(yes we all love Chewbacca) is back than darth vedar will be back too. ALL iconic characters back is like dream christmas gift etc.

    I can bet my life darth vedartis back! I mean there is NO WAY MOST ICONIC CHARACTER IN HISTORY OF MOVIES AND HOLLYWOOD NOT TO BE BACK! There is really not star wars without luke and darth vedar! What i want is in episode 7 storytelling about their lifes, what happen with them after and how they died and from episode 8 smooth transition to the new characters. So all generations will be happy. And new stars like Chloe Moretz and all other young actors can grown with episodes 7, 8 and 9 in next 10 years. So even if new characters has less time in episode 7 they will be main force in episode 8 and 9!

    • Anonymous

      ..Vader died. It’s not even Vader, it’s Anakin. He’s a force ghost at the end of episode 6 and who hopefully won’t be back. Bringing the character back is beyond stupid.

    • darth malgus

      As AVATAR director James Cameron once said on jurnalist question(how Stephen Lang will be back as his character died) NO ONE IS REALLY DEAD IN SCI FI!!!! darth vedar is star wars. Disney paid 4 billion $ AND for darth vedar. Millions of fans will wearing Darth Vader helmet and costume on premiere day! As for example millions of avengers fans were with iron man mask. I can bet that first standalone star wars movie will be about Darth Vader. And most importantly I like STAR WARS fans want to watch Darth Vader not to be dead. All my friends love Darth Vader and want to watch it.

      Millions chinese kids will wear vedar helm. millions US kids will watch Star wars for first time will want the same. Millions europeans kids also. Star wars is FAMILY movies. And kids movie. Make poll how many star wars fans want Darth Vader back???? 99.9%!!! That is good idea for this site if viral has that option for the future to make polls.

      Although i agree that is time for NEW great character too. darth maul was outstanding! I am all in for darth malgus. As i said they can borrow name and costume, helms etc. I think darth malgus could be outstanding character with Daniel Day-Lewis playing it!

      ps But Darth Vader WILL BE BACK! Sooner than later. You can bet your life on that. This is hollywood and no one studio is so stupid to have most iconic character BIGGER than Iron man bigger than BATMAN bigger than superman BIGGER than anything created until now and not to use it. God disney is making film about ant man. No one is less interesting in marvel Universe than this.

    • Jabba

      Time to move forward. Abrams is a master of mythology! He can create next sith lord.(plus apprentice) All iconic characters must be honored in episode 7 and in the same time move on with new story, new stars and new characters. Michael Arndt is the best for that job.

      Standalone star wars films are other beer. They can do whatever they want there.

    • This comment has been removed by the author.

    • I hate you darth malgus if you had yor way the new Star Wars movies would be worse than the prequel.

    • darth malgus

      I am only star wars fan like you not PRO. But i think more star wars fans should way what is their verion of new trilogy.

    • iPadCary

      Other than in a flasback, DARTH VADER IS NOT COMING BACK.
      I wish all you lunkheads would get that FACT through your collective thick skulls!
      I don’t give a frying fuck HOW many Ching Chong Charlies
      dare to don Lord Vader’s livery.
      Let the dead rest in peace, why don’tcha?!?

    • Yeah theres no way the character “Darth Vader” will return. Like the others said, Anakin became a force ghost at the end of Jedi leaving his suit behind, let alone Luke burnt it to ashes. IF Vader was to ever have screen time again, it would be through a flashback of some kind. Also I believe Disney made it clear that they were moving the story forward not back. Sorry Malgus.

    • Anonymous

      Are you stupid??
      It is spelled VADER
      not vedar
      And 99.9
      where did you pull that out of
      if you have a point of view
      fine. But dont make shit up and get mad at us for correcting you.

    • darth malgus

      OK it’s my opinion. sorry don’t want to sound like speaking for all star wars fans.

    • iPadCary

      Well it seems, Darth Malgus, that you aren’t particularly welcome here ….

    • @ iPadCary

      You really like to start conflicts here, don’t you. Every one can have an opinion don’t you guys bash him just because you don’t like it.

    • I’m sorry, do not mean to be a snob, but it is “Vader” not “Vedar”. It was a bit annoying reading it like that, and more if after you got a reply with the correct spelling, you still call him Vedar. Sorry again.

  • I hope that, even Doug Chiang and McCaig have been recruited, SW7 would offer a new production design with aestethic links to ep.VI, and not recycle ep. I-II-III style. I don’t want more queen costumes, please.

    • Anonymous

      I honestly think most people would be happy or at least not care if the prequels were completely abandoned in the new films. Besides they should be considering the timeline.

      No need to bring up old wounds! Let’s focus on the future.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. I hated their designs. McQuarrie any day.

    • Too bad McQuarrie died so we will have to find a new amazing concept artist

  • Great news about Chewie and the MF. Hey, do u think Woody Allen would consider doing an episode on the day in the life, the trails and tribulations, of a Storm Trooper?

  • darth malgus

    From deadline:

    Disney has “learned that there needs to be a cap on tent pole, non-franchise (spending) that doesn’t quite put as much as risk,” he says. The studio has “found our stride in a slate that looks like two Marvel films a year, Star Wars, one Disney animation, one or two Pixar animations, and one or two — maybe three — Disney live action movies.” Rasulo doesn’t worry about marketing new Star Wars films to kids. With ongoing sales of licensed merchandise “this is a franchise that has been evergreen for 35 years.”

    Great news. Star wars staying for FAMILY and kids.

  • Hey guys, just for you to know, even though it would be cool having good old Chewie back, if the Ep. VII writters want to respect the Expanded Universe cannon, they should not have chewie back,(Spoiler from ExpandedUniverse) given the fact that by this time, he is supposed to be dead, killed in the Yuuzhan Vong Wars. However, this is something I think MUST be mentioned on Episode VII. Is not as if the wookie dies and everybody is still happy and joyfull without him. I hope they don´t screw up.

    • darth malgus

      Some fan before days said that Expanded Universe is not existing! If is not in the movies = not count. But not sure about that.

    • darth malgus

      Good news is that Lawrence Kasdan is helping new team. So should be ok.

    • Anonymous

      Oh lets think, have some Yuuzhan Vong wars thing you read in some book be part of star wars?

      Or have chewie in sw7?

      I wonder what 99 percent of us would choose?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think poor old Vader should come back- better off resurrecting the Emperor or bringing in Thrawn (or both!). My big question for the new trilogy is, if Anakin fulfilled the prophecy and brought balance to the force, how is there still a story after that?
    I will be very interested to see what answer(if any) they come up with for that one..Still, it will be fun to sit in that cinema in 2015!

  • darth malgus

    Guys i think you miss the big point. YES this things about story and mythology are for us MANIAC old star wars fans BUT as you saw first what ask Disney is about new generation-KIDS most of wich will watch star wars for first time. how they will marketing star wars for families and kids etc. etc.

    And every year star wars movie is big news. I am not sure that even JJ Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy can do this. This mean star wars/standalone/star wars/standalone etc. I think trilogy should stay on margin of 3 years time and one standalone star wars between not two. Think this is OK! And of course with JJ ABrams star wars TV SHOW around 2020!

    • darth malgus

      i want to add from other topic my opinion:

      trilogy should stay in 3 years time 2015 2018 2021 and between them ONE standalone star wars film. This is best option for me. So 2015 SW7 2016 spin off 2017 pass and again 2018 SW8 2019 spin off 2010 pass i think this is best way to go.

  • Anonymous

    I really hope Episode 7 doesn’t turn into a tour of original trilogy sets, with original trilogy actors waving and winking at the audience. We really need more than fan fic here.

    As much as I think Abrahams was the right choice, Star Trek 2 doesn’t give me much hope.

  • Anonymous

    Bringing vader back would essentially render the concept behind episodes 1- 6 pointless. The rise, fall, and redemtion of a man prophesied to bring ballance to the force, which he in fact did in the end by killing the emperor. It would be more than tragic to see that ignored

    • I agree, It would be like in Alien 3, where it starts at the poing that everyone that was saved on Alien 2 is dead. So what was the point of Alien 2? LOL!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    But where is the original Chewie mask?

    It has to be used in SW7.