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New Star Wars: Episode 7 Casting Call in New York for 3 Roles.


A casting sheets for a project titled “Untitled Studio Feature” surfaced in New York yesterday. The project is directed by J.J. Abrams and the studio is Disney. That’s right we have our second official casting call for Star Wars: Episode 7. This time it’s for 3 main roles…

They’re looking for:

[YOUNG MAN] Early 20s. Handsome, but not necessarily heroic. He is witty and smart. Physically fit.

[MAN] Late 20s. Physically fit, handsome and confident.

[YOUNG WOMAN] Late teens. Physically fit, raw energy, independent and with a great sense of humor.

In June there was a similar casting call in Los Angeles for the same parts plus a few others. For that story click here.
They were:

Late-teen female, independent, good sense of humour, fit.

Young twenty-something male, witty and smart, fit but not traditionally good looking.

A late twentysomething male, fit, handsome and confident.

Seventy-something male, with strong opinions and tough demeanour. Also doesn’ t need to be particularly fit.

A second young female, also late teens, tough, smart and fit.

Forty something male, fit, military type.

Thirtysomething male, intellectual. Apparently doesn’t need to be fit.

Could this mean that they have already cast the number of roles that are not on the new list? Maybe. We’re still waiting for some official announcements from Disney or J.J. Abrams.

Source: showbiz411


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  • Anonymous

    Liam McIntyre has to be the late 20s guy.

  • Anonymous

    I keep telling myself… are you really going to pour over every detail and leak? The answer is always… YES!

    • Anonymous

      Get a trip. God forbid light-hearted speculation.. No-one is forcing you to read it anyway.

    • Anonymous

      I think you failed completely at understanding my point. I was saying I myself can’t help but read everything. Because I’m that excited about it. I meant no criticism at the article…

    • Anonymous

      oooooh I just thought you were another one of these annoying people moaning. woops. but oh right sorry haha

    • Absolutely! That’s the sole purpose of this blog. :)

  • Charles H.

    Sounds like this could be for the parts of Luke, Han and Leia when the were much younger. Maybe a flash back to a point in time before Episode VI.

    • Anonymous

      ..I hope not because that would just be unbelievably stupid haha. Pretty sure it’s just the next generation of characters.

    • Anonymous

      Star Wars: Episode VII: The Next Generation : Into Darkness

  • Anonymous

    With no news we can speculate about evrything. I hope that they find best young faces. Rachel Hurd-Wood is the one that i like the most for that moment.

  • Anonymous

    I am sure that Star wars will create next big stars ! I mean next jennifer lawrence and leo di caprio.

  • Anonymous

    I miss the days when I was very enthusiastic about the future, I had always wanted to work in the film industry, and especially in Star Wars, because hey, it would be a sin to turn down a role in that franchise.

    That being said, the only thing left for me is the hope of one day doing a fan film, a hope that has long faded. I live in the wrong country, city, and have never made the correct friends for this purpose. I worked briefly at studio, but the pay was terrible, and the projects were very uninspiring (weddings, overbearing infomercials, boring family videos).

    In the end, I hope some day, some one might give me the opportunity to participate in such a project, be it voice acting, acting, writing, directing, maybe even editing. All I know is that I’d give it all up, which isn’t very much, to just get a shot at it.

    I see these casting calls, and I cannot help but envy whoever will get the roles, and hope that they value them and work at giving their utmost performance, as I would.

    • Anonymous

      wow man. You win award for post of the day-week-month! Thank you. You are true FAN not only star wars fan but may be sci fi fan and movie fan like all. With heart and soul. Fan like you KILLS 100 haters. Thanks onceagain

  • The description of the three new parts, read exactly like a casting call for Mark, Harrison, and Carrie’s parts from the original trilogy.

  • LoveThisBlog

    So… Anakin, Jacen and Jaina Solo maybe.

  • The description of the three new parts, read exactly like a casting call for Mark, Harrison, and Carrie’s parts from the original trilogy.

  • Anonymous

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