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Is Star Wars: Episode 7 Script Ready?

J.J. Abrams‘ production company Bad Robot tweeted a very interesting image. Could this mean that the Episode 7 script is finally ready …

From Bad Robot’s twitter account:

Could this be what we all have been waiting for? I bet it is. 
We could expect some announcements either at the San Diego Comic Con (July 18) or at Disney’s D23 Expo (August 9).


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  • Anonymous

    Talk about pressure. I can’t imagine having the fate of Star Wars in my hands. I love Arndt’s work though and I still have faith this new team lead by JJ is nothing but good news thus far.

  • Anonymous

    I cannot imagine that with both Arndt and Abrams on board that they would accept anything less than an awesome finalized script. They are both Star Wars maniacs. Episode 7 will be classic! Kathleen Kennedy rocks, as well. Everything points to a great film. Love too that M & M are editing the film!

  • The way they present the script really leaves the impression that they’re happy how it turned out. Good news! :)

    • I agree Viral Hide.. good point, makes sense they would be very happy with the finished product if they tweeted that.. especially as secretive as JJA is..

  • Anonymous

    a little plot twist i see huh

  • I have my obi wan “You were the chosen one!” Youtube clip all ready, just in case.

  • Anonymous

    I hope the script has some wordless moments like Luke gazing at the setting suns, or R2 getting kidnapped by the jawas, or the opening sequence of Wall-E.

  • Anonymous

    I’d die of an ulcer to have that pressure put on me. Look what the traitors did to Lucas for 1-3. Good luck to everyone, the loser fanboys will be carving their knifes ready to stick for sure.

    • Anonymous


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