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Confirmed Star Wars: Episode 7 Character Details. Casting Already Underway in the UK!

Bleeding Cool got their hands on the first real character breakdowns of characters from the next Star Wars movie. And they say it’s 100% confirmed…


TheForce.net spoke with Lucasfilm spokesman Miles Perkins who has confirmed that the listing is genuine. He wrote, “Yes, it is correct.”

Bleeding Cool have 100% confirmed that the following is accurate and that casting started today in the UK.

    Young twenty-something male, witty and smart, fit but not traditionally good looking.

    A late twentysomething male, fit, handsome and confident.

    Late-teen female, independent, good sense of humour, fit.

    A second young female, also late teens, tough, smart and fit.

    Forty something male, fit, military type.

    Thirtysomething male, intellectual. Apparently doesn’t need to be fit.

    Seventy-something male, with strong opinions and tough demeanour. Also doesn’ t need to be particularly fit.

Now that’s interesting. More hints to the female lead. Casting already underway is super cool. It has begun folks!

Source: bleedingcool


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  • Anonymous

    I gotta admit. I find any news exciting. It’s going to be painful with how secretive JJ is.

    Also anyway we could link to facebook? Because I don’t have any of the other accounts listed under select profile.

  • Anonymous

    If Luke will have a son in the movie, wouldn´t it be cool if Mark Hamills son Nathan Hamill played him? Nathan made a cameo as a naboo palace guard in Episode I

    • Anonymous

      Dye his hair red and there you have Ben Skywalker.

    • But can Nathan act as well as his father? :P

    • Anonymous

      according to imdb.com he has not done so much except ep.1 ,but if he can act as well, it would be cool, there is a picture of him & Mark at Imdb & he looks very much like his father :)

    • Anonymous

      Ben Skywalker? I am so freakin’ sick of hearing the book references. YES i read the books, YES i actually liked a good deal of them, NO i don’t want to see the books followed for the continuation of the series! Maybe everyone did not hear, but k. kennedy already announced THEY ARE NOT following the books, let it GO! follow in the steps of Marvel, have different storylines set in different universes. Call the book continuum “classic lucas” or whatever and go forward with new material. What is the point of rehashing what most of us have already read, how boring!

    • Anonymous

      Maybe everyone did not hear, but k. kennedy already announced THEY ARE NOT following the books, let it GO

      Liar. No statement has been made either way yet.
      What WAS said, was that it would be an original story not based on any existing books. This does not mean (necessarily) that the book continuity will not be followed; in fact all signs currently point to the opposite.

      The films will most likely take place after 45ABY in the same continuity as the books. No stories have been written that take place after 45ABY (as per explicit orders by George Lucas himself, just like when he told writers not to write about pre Episode 4 era because he wanted to do the Clone Wars himself).

      It will be an original story… that follows established canonical continuity just like the prequels did.

      I’m really sick of hearing people talk out of their ass as if the books had already been de-canonized. No statement has been made yet, I repeat, neither I, nor you, know for a fact whether continuity will be respected or not, but all signs point to YES.

  • Anonymous

    yeah baby yeah, I think I know where the story line is going, I think we are going to see Jaina solo and her husband Jag Fel and also I think it is going to have something to do with Allana solo and Vestara and Ben skywalker, I am hoping that it continues after the fate of the jedi series,
    as for the 70 something man, who else but the legendary clint eastwood, and please please get Kristen Stewart

    • Please NOT Clintcannotstand that man andhewould totally ruin sw forever!

    • Anonymous

      I am hoping that it continues after the fate of the jedi series,

      It will probably take place after the end of Crucible (which does take place after FOTJ).

      At the end of the book, (minor spoilers), Luke, Hand and Leia “retire” and pass on the torch to the new generation. It has already been confirmed that the actors for those characters will have “more minor roles” in episode 7. So far, everything seems to fit together, continuity will most likely be respected.
      (although, it might not be, but we have not had any official word either way. We can only hope that they won’t f*ck SW by retconning the post-ROJ canon. )

      Personally, I’m hoping for Abeloth’s return, I would love to see a Luke and Leia team up against Abeloth for an epic battle in Episode 7.

  • Anonymous

    If Kristen Stewart is in Star Wars Episode 7, pretty much everyone will hate these new movies. She is a terrible actor. We get enough of her in Twilight.

  • People need to take the Yoda approach…unlearn what you have learned. Then go see the movie with a fresh mind and enjoy. -preconceived notions just ruin your experience…. Let go your feelings. If it sucks you will always have your imagination. I need not the machine operating my mind.

  • Anonymous

    This really does wiff of around the legacy of the force/ fate of the jedi story lines which would be awesome!! :)

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if any of these characters are alien creatures.

  • Anonymous

    Not sure how you can say “more hints to the female lead,” when the list offers no indication whatsoever which character is the protagonist? All this tells us is that there will be five men and two ladies being cast.

    Maybe the “Young twenty-something male” will be the hero? We don’t know. It’s too soon to know for sure which direction the films will be headed.

  • Anonymous

    The only good books were the timothy zahn series. Everything else I read was terrible, especially the Vorg or whatever. Please jj don’t follow the books!

  • what about kyle katarn as the fit forty something military male?

  • what about kyle katarn as the fit forty something military male?

  • Anonymous

    The only one I could have any clue about is Harrison Ford as the seventy something male… it would be awesome to have some of the original cast back, but also understandable if they aren’t (for example, already passed away, retired, perhaps working on another project)… as to some of the earlier comments discussing Kristen Stewart as a possibility: give her some credit, y’all! Yes, she was not that great in Twilight, but she’s done other stuff (for ex. Snow White and the Huntsman, among others) that was alright… Personally I’m just ready for an official casting list and storyline!

  • Anonymous

    What about the Chloe Grace Montez rumors?

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