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Disney – Lucasfilm Deal Cleared By Feds.

This means that any merger and antitrust issues for Disney are cleared. Announced October 30, the company’s acquisition of Lucasfilm can now formally move forward.

The Walt Disney Company is one big step closer to formally purchasing Lucasfilm.The Federal Trade Commission announced Tuesday that it has granted Disney an early termination of the statutory antitrust waiting period for all major company acquisitions. In plain terms, it means the government has determined there aren’t any lingering issues with Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm, and the process of formally finishing the $4.05 billion deal can move forward.

As it happens, Disney also announced today that it just signed an exclusive agreement with Netflix for the VOD rights to all of its various theatrical releases, which included Pixar and Marvel films — but not Lucasfilm movies (e.g. Star Wars movies), since the deal has not been completed.

 Now it’s safe to say that we’ll be getting some official announcements regarding the new trilogy in the following weeks.  
Source: ew.com


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